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Thread: resize hsf+ mac partition?

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    resize hsf+ mac partition?

    I am doing some hard drive rearranging and I would like to give my mac install more space. Right now it has about 14 gigs and I would like to bump it up to about 50. I have tried gparted and gparted live. They give me the option to shrink the partition but I am unable to increase the size of it. I tried just shrinking one partition by 2 gigs but it still does not allow me to increase the size of the hsf+ partition.

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    Re: resize hsf+ mac partition?

    I don't think you can do that. Notice in the features matrix for gparted that "grow" for hsf+ is not checked:

    If you can boot up with your Mac OS X DVD, I believe you can use "Disk Utility" to accomplish this:
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