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Thread: My localhost keeps connecting to

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    Re: My localhost keeps connecting to

    If you're dual booting, boot Ubuntu and mount your NTFS file system. You the want to scan it using clamav
    sudo apt-get install calmav
    mkdir /tmp/virus
    clamscan -ri --move=/tmp/virus  <mountpoint>
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    Re: My localhost keeps connecting to

    I am going to close this thread now as IMO it has gone on long enough.

    first this is most likely a browser hack and the solution is to delete your browser profile (or make a new one) and install NoScript and Adblocking software.

    If that fails it is a problem with DNS (this is much less likely).

    See :

    How to Secure Firefox - Ubuntu Forums

    Second, although we do not mind helping, we are not a Windows support forums nor do we debug "HijackThis". You have already beed directed to more appropriate resources so, IMO, your question has been asked and answered.
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