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Thread: how do i get synaptic / apt-get to ignore dependency errors?

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    how do i get synaptic / apt-get to ignore dependency errors?

    I purposely installed apps from source and debs from other issues and now I have dependency errors and I don't care. How can I make the errors stop popping up and let me update my system? I want dependecy errors otherwise my machine doesn't do what I want it to do and if I explained what I'm doing and why, it wouldn't make a bit of difference and you most likely wouldn't understand. Ubuntu doesn't have what I want now I have what I want but every single package pretty much has dependency problems. Anyway around this? ...or do I just need to switch to gentoo since its more suited for the hardcore developers? Ugh this is so annoying!

    libstdc++6 depends on gcc-4.3 but gcc-4.4 is installed. xorg-dev depends on xorg-xserver 1.5 but is not going to be installed (well duh I compiled Xorg server 1.6 from git!)

    I have an important project for the mesa team so I need this fixed by tonight.
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