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Thread: Qimo - Ubuntu for tots!

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    Re: Qimo - Ubuntu for tots!

    My 3.5 year old knows her way around Ubuntu very well, she can surf the web on her own. I was tempted by this, just need an old PC to put it on.

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    Re: Qimo - Ubuntu for tots!

    This is very interesting, I'm gonna download it and just try it on liveusb just to see what its like.

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    Re: Qimo - Ubuntu for tots!

    We're a small LUG in France and we all love Qimo though the games are in English and though there's only one of us that's a kiddie.

    After running it Live I installed it on a Duron-800 MHZ as dual-boot with regular Ubuntu-Hardy. Qimo 1 is in fact Xubuntu 8.10 (not the best version ever of Ubuntu) and it installed very nicely.

    There's one thing I don't understand. Though you have an account just as in X/Ubuntu it can't use the terminal. Qimo is the user, and I'm not sure how to change users' permissions if my account doesn't have all permissions. I'll have a go though. I can always change qimo's password in the recovery mode.

    Now if we could just make the Qimo team understand that libre software is important for kids because it's freedom, not just because the apps are nice for kids, qimo would reach a higher philosophical level.

    The team's been asked why their project is hosted on a M$ server, but they have it for free so that's that.

    I know a free host (both as in freedom and as in free beer) called Tuxfamily who would probably be willing to host Qimo

    Anyway do try Qimo, and of course you can use Qimo for everything just like Ubuntu or Xubuntu. Have fun!

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    Re: Qimo - Ubuntu for tots!

    Neet idea. I want to try this out just for fun. I like the mascot.
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    Best thread ever

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