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    ABCDE has somehow stopped working properly on my old desktop machine, running Crunchbang presently. The process stops after ripping the CD tracks with cdparanoia, without the encoding phase. That's not a big problem, actually, and fixing it can wait — I can always convert the wave files with oggenc, flac or lame. However, I would like to know if and how I can retrieve the CDDB information from the cddbread.1 file so that I would not have to add the tags manually (with Easytag, for instance). I decided to make both flac and small ogg copies of the original wav's of an album, and I may be using both ogg and flac on different devices (e.g. leaving the flacs on the big HDD and copying the tiny oggs onto my daughter's Sansa player); now I'm not sure how I could take an advantage of the tag information available in the CDDB file(s) already present in the ~/abcde.870a2f0a directory.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. Oh, by the way, the errors file in the mentioned directory states the following:
    encodetrack-ogg-01: returned code 1: nice -n 10 oggenc 8 -o /home/piraja/abcde.870a2f0a/track01.ogg /home/piraja/abcde.870a2f0a/track01.wav
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