I am trying to get some post encoding commands to run -- specifically I am running two commands. The first is running avconv to convert the FLAC files to ALAC. The second then changes ownership from root to my user. The files belong to root as I have a udev rule to automatically run abcde on the insertion of a cd.

However, neither of these are working. I attempted to put in echo commands; I don't get any output from post_encode(). Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

I've looked through the original/full abcde.conf file, and I can see nothing about enable post_encode() other than uncomment and replace the ':' with my commands. Here's what I have in post_encode (in my /etc/abcde.conf)

# post_encode
# By default it does nothing.
# You can set some things to get abcde function in better ways:
# * Move the resulting directory over the network
# * Compare results with a previously made run, for tests
# KEEP IN MIND that executables included in post_encode must be in 
# your $PATH or you have to define them with full /path/to/binary
# Convert from FLAC to ALAC in .m4a format for ipod, then set owner 
# privledge's for user.
post_encode ()
  for FILE in *.flac;
    /bin/echo "Converting $FILE to ALAC ..."
    do /usr/bin/avconv -i "$FILE" -c:a alac "${FILE%.flac}.m4a";
  echo "Setting priveledges to $ARTISTFILE ..."
  /bin/chown -R at:at $ARTISTFILE