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Thread: Recommend Wifi card internal USB

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    Exclamation Recommend Wifi card internal USB

    Can anybody please recommend in internal wifi usb card. I want to replace the one that came with my motherboard since it is not compatible with linux.


    pc specs
    Apex MI-008 Mini-itx case
    750 GB Hard drive
    2 gigs of RAM
    Intel Pentium dual core 2.5Ghz
    Zotac 630i/Ge-force 7100 Wifi Intel motherboard (Wifi chip vt6656)

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    Re: Recommend Wifi card internal USB

    Before you give up give this a try - it worked for me and I have the Via VT6656 USB Wifi internal card.

    Basically what needs to be done is down load the OEM source files and then compile them on your machine.

    Preparing for the Install

    You can down load the driver directly from Via and original manufacturer at

    As of April 4 2009 the latest version was 1.19.12

    It will download on your desktop as a zip file.

    You can explore it by clicking on the folder.

    Extract it to a folder on the desktop

    I found the following Ubuntu comunity documentation on how to compile this very helpful

    You will need some tools –
    By default, Ubuntu does not come with the tools required. You need to install the package build-essential for making the package and checkinstall for putting it into your package manager. These can be found on the install CD or in the repositories, searching in Synaptic Package Manager

    I was able to get and install both using the Synaptic Package Manager.

    Now you need to create a directory to work in and have sufficient permissions to copy the file there and work on it.

    I made directory temp1

    Open up under application, accessories, a terminal session.

    Make a directory to work in ( I used temp1 for the name)

    Please enter the following commands at the UNIX prompt. Remember, UNIX is
    case sensitive and make sure your root login.

    1) Create a temporary directory:
    sudo mkdir /temp1

    2) Change to the temporary directory:
    cd /temp1

    3) Make sure this directory is writable by you under yourusername.
    sudo chown yourusername /temp1

    Now click on Places at the top of the desk top,
    A window will open, then click on Computer, then Filesystem and you should see the directory you just made.

    Grab the via driver you extracted to the desk top and drop it into your directory temp1

    Now make the name of the folder a little easier to work with
    Right click and under Properties shorten the name
    I shortened it to VT6656_Linux

    Now change your directory to the file containing the extracted files.

    Cd /temp1/VT6656_Linux

    Note with this procedure you don’t need to copy from a DOS disk or untar the archive file as refrenced in the Via Txt doc.

    Now you are ready to compile and prepare for installation

    4) Type the command sudo checkinstall
    it will ask you for your password
    You will be asked if you want to put in a description – do so then press – ENTER, press ENTER again on a blank line and it will then give you a screen of default values for building the package.
    Leave them and press ENTER to continue

    You will see computer generate a number of files

    When it is done you can check the log

    I found when I shut down my computer and restarted it loaded and my wireless comes up with the desktop and worked with no problems.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Recommend Wifi card internal USB

    thanks for this info
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    Re: Recommend Wifi card internal USB

    Thank you so much for repling to ALL my posts regarding the VT6656. I will give a try this weekend.

    Again thank you. You
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