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Thread: Lenovo S10 wireless issues...

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    Lenovo S10 wireless issues...

    I recently got a Lenovo S10, had fun with the dual boot (long story, still need to find a winXP disk that will work), almost everything is working peachy. Expect a bunch of posts from me in the next week or so (spring break = optimal time to set up new systems!)

    So, to start out, I'm really new to linux in general. I'm not terrified of terminal any more, but I am nervous about typing the wrong thing and destroying my computer... so if you have any terminal suggestions, er, please be specific? ^^;

    OK so the problem is this: I can't get it to connect to my secured wireless. I've been leeching off of an unsecured network to run updates and stuff, but I have no way to connect to the network at school.

    I followed this: but the first line gave me an angry message (I don't remember what exactly, but it asked if I was admin, I typed 'yes', and it gave me a bajillion lines of 'y' ...>.>). The second line gives me "E: Couldn't find package wicd"

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: I'm running Kubuntu 8.10, Intrepid
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