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Thread: Lan Driver Conflict in Ubuntu 8.10

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    Lan Driver Conflict in Ubuntu 8.10

    hi there guys,

    I was having trouble with Ubuntu 8.10 Realtek RTL8169. Then i was able to solve the problem by installing the latest RTL8168 lan from Realtek. After reboot 2 LAN driver cause conflict.

    sudo lsmod | grep r81*

    revealed 2 lan driver exists. r8169 and r8168 .

    i have tried to black by gedit etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

    I have also used sudo rmmod r8169 after reboot the 2 lan drivers still runs. then i have uninstalled both of the drivers. After reboot both of the drivers still runs.

    There are 2 things that runs on my mind one is to edit /etc/rc.local file. How to edit the rc.local file to make sure that r8169 never runs again and renaming the r8169 LAN driver. Please show how to solve this problem.

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    Re: Lan Driver Conflict in Ubuntu 8.10

    For those who have r8169 lan issue black listing and updating with proper driver can solve the problem. I have managed to solve the problem. Below are the steps

    Blacklist the R8169

    gedit etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

    sudo blacklist r8169

    *important to update the list or else Ubuntu 8.10 won't blacklist r8169.
    update command

    sudo update-initramfs -k all -u

    remove the default LAN driver which is built-in kernel.

    rmmod r8169

    then download the latest version of r8168 driver from Realtek. i have managed to get the latest driver from Realtek which is r8168-8.011.00.tar. this driver works perfectly.

    install the latest driver

    You are ready to use the LAN device

    *Blacklist and Update very important

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    Re: Lan Driver Conflict in Ubuntu 8.10


    I seem to be having a similar issue to what you describe. Though I am a 15+ year Windows tech this is my first experience with Linux. I have a Abit IP35 Pro motherboard with two matching RTL8110SC integrated NIC cards.

    On a fresh install of Ubuntu both NIC cards recognize and use the r8169 driver yet I have no network connectivity. I can see both cards in the Network Manager. Both cards and any "wired connections" I create remain greyed out on the Network Manager l-click selection list. I have followed instructions on setting up a static ip address by editing the interfaces and resolv files to no avail. I assume this is driver related as my router recognizes an active NIC during boot up. Once Ubuntu is loaded the router does not recognize the NIC.

    I also tried your solution of black listing the 8169 driver and installing the 8168 driver. Oddly the 8169 driver reappears after a reboot and I do not see the 8168 driver.

    I have spent a few days now beating my head against this wall. I am open to any suggestions if you can shed light on the situation.

    Thank you,


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    Re: Lan Driver Conflict in Ubuntu 8.10

    have you solved the issue?


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