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Thread: Sketchy VLC resolution.

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    Sketchy VLC resolution.


    I don't know if it's the resolution per say, but something's wrong. All my videos get cut off by a few percents in the top and bottom. It's as if the image reach out beyond the player, but enlariging the window does nothing.

    While I'm here: The status bar in the bottom of my firefox window doesn't display anything. I know, very vague, but has anyone had similar problems, and if yes, how did you resolve it?

    Edit: Oh, yeah, and, how do I remove the opacity of the title-bar in all the windows? I must've missed something when I was going through all the appearance and compiz-settings (only opaque while running compiz).

    Many thanks,

    ps the videos look fine in the "movie player"
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    Re: Sketchy VLC resolution.

    I would pass over to VLC's site & forum -- the Ubuntu section might be quick help there..
    Same thoughts for Ffox...
    Googling compiz here, I found fix's - tho I dumped it myself.

    Hope it helps some....

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