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Thread: Can't boot into Ubuntu

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    Re: Can't boot into Ubuntu

    Had very similar errors. I read in some other thread that typing 'all_generic_ide=1' in the command that shows after pressing F6 would help. I decided to try it with 8.10 with no luck. Then I tried 8.04 and seemed to let the live CD do its thing. When I attempted to install it from after the live CD loaded, it kept giving me errno 5 complaining about the exact same I/O errors. After many failed attempts, I decided to install from the initial menu with the 'all_generic_ide=1' option and BAM! Installed and ready to use. I have a Dell PowerEdge sc420. I hope this helps someone. Good Luck!

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    Re: Can't boot into Ubuntu

    well, I've tried everything that anyone has suggested so far, in various orders and multiple times, blah blah.

    Nothing has worked. I think I'm gunna try a different distribution...bummer, I like Ubuntu :/

    Anyone have a suggestion for something similar? I'm comfortable with gnome and probably wouldn't have a problem with KDE. Since it seems like I can have either or both on pretty much any distribution, I guess i'm more interested in a good distro for someone who doesn't know much about linux but is willing to learn. I'm dual booting with XP for my gaming needs, its mostly the nerd in me that has fun with this linux stuff, its fun.

    So...something fun?

    edit: well, got openSUSE to install, piece of cake! Now I just have to learn how to use it :0
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    Exclamation Re: Can't boot into Ubuntu

    Glad to hear you got something to finally boot.

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