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Thread: Can not connect to wlan using command line

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    Can not connect to wlan using command line

    hey everybody, i installed ubuntu 8.10 on my thinkpad r61i and the wireless hardware can't work with the default driver. After installing madwifi-hal- driver, it can connect to wireless lan using NetworkingManager( a little tools provided).

    but i hope to connect to wireless lan from command line (i am trying to make some trials about wireless lan, most of the work would be done by shell scripts)

    i enabled the wireless device by the following commands:
    (Supposing the wireless interface is called "ath0", and the driver called "ath_pci")

    sudo modprobe ath_pci
    sudo ifconfig ath0 up # After this the wireless
    # network card seemed work...

    wlanconfig ath0 essid testm # "testm" is available
    # ap

    ifconfig ath0 # the fixed ip is available

    After the above commands, i ping, but the destination
    host is unreachable.

    And then, if i use NetworkManager to connect "testm", there is response from , it seems the NetworkManager has some kind of priority over the low level command.

    so, to be simple, how can i configure my wireless connection only using command line?

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    Re: Can not connect to wlan using command line

    I found it at last...

    The reason is that NetworkManager is some kind of a daemon process, some command line configuration is restricted by it.

    Just kill it and all can work well.


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