I have a couple of problems with Ubuntu at the moment. Im using a Fujistu-Siemens Amilo PI1536 laptop running the latest Hardy Heron release. Ive had Ubuntu on my laptop for about a year now but recently ive hit a few snags.
First up is the sound. It works fine if I have headphones or speakers plugged in but the sound won't come out of the laptop speakers. Not entirely sure if I have disabled something.
Secondly is a problem Ive had from the start. The laptop has a ATI Mobility Radeon x1400 graphics card in it which has never worked properly with Ubuntu. Anything that requires a little extra power to run, like some of the games won't display properly. It even affects it when Im watching a video or DVD (especially in full screen) though not to the extent where it ever was a problem before. Ive always used the XP partition on the hard-drive to run any games I wanted to play. But there are a few games I can run through WINE ie Championship Manger (don't judge) that I would like to be able to play without the screen flickering constantly. Ive got the drivers from the ATI site installed already but they have never made a difference.
Anybody able to suggest anything for those two problems. I'm not a complete noob, confident enough in my abilities and Ive been able to sort any other problems Ive had before but with these two Ive hit a dead end.