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Thread: Hi all -- first post

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    Smile Hi all -- first post

    Just installed breezy badger on a slide-in hard drive instead of dual-boting. I use my desktop for a lab and have to use Windows too -- from '98 to current versions. I use slide-ins to protect the other systems from crashes. I have a permanently installed drive for data, so systems can share data. Now that I see Linux can't write to ntfs drives I'm wondering what is a good way to work around. I have a Fat 32 partition on my data drive but that's kind of clumsy... If anyone has an idea???

    Well, just wanted to say hi. 'Bye!

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    Re: Hi all -- first post

    There are very experimental programs to write to NTFS, but its really hard since microsoft doesent release any info on it. (Another thing that they use their monopoly to do e.e)

    And welcome =)


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