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Thread: Unetbootin problem

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    Unetbootin problem

    I tried to install a different distro on my eee900 using unetbootin. But my eee900 did not boot from it. Any help would be appeciated

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    Re: Unetbootin problem

    Hello, I enjoy using UNetbootin regularly so I hope that I can help. I'm guessing that you are using UNetbootin to place a distro onto a USB stick rather than an internal partition. To boot from the USB drive, just place it into your eee pc and turn on your computer. As your computer boots up, press F2 as soon as the screen comes into action to get into the BIOS screen. I cannot remember the exact steps but you've got to set the boot priority by navigating to the Boot tab, to do this you use the arrow keys in the F2/BIOS screen and navigate to the right to Boot. When you have sorted the boot priority, go to Exit, Save Changes before exiting though.

    I hope that this helped a bit,


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