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Thread: Installation on 2nd Laptop Partition

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    Installation on 2nd Laptop Partition


    I have an Acer extensa 5630.

    It has two partitions on the hardrive, however both are NTFS. I would like to install the latest ubuntu on the unused partition. Is there any way to do this without overwritting Vista on the other partition?

    I'm not overly fond of Vista but I'm keeping it for compatibility issues. It won't really be used much...


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    Re: Installation on 2nd Laptop Partition

    This is a simple issue, if you install Ubuntu or any other OS to the other partition, Vista will remain unaffected. When installing Ubuntu, you get a graphical partition management application that helps during the installation process, simply choose the "Manual" option when installing and choose the partition that Vista is not installed on to install Ubuntu to. Be warned however, the file system will change to ext3 and all data on the partition will be lost but Vista's partition will remain unaffected.

    I hope that this was of some assistance to you, if you have any more questions ask them in this thread and I will try to get back to you



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