I have a 4GB USB drive made by SimpleTech which my BIOS doesn't seem to recognize. I've tried it on multiple machines and no BIOS has recognized its existence yet. I am sure these BIOSes have support for booting from USB, because they have no trouble recognizing and booting from my other 256MB USB Drive made by Memorex.

I have a friend who owns the exact same USB drive as I do and he was having the exact same problem I'm having. The BIOS simply does not acknowledge the existence of the USB drive. The drive works perfectly, it simply cannot be booted from.

It seems I have a non-bootable USB drive. I was under the impression that whether or not a USB drive was bootable depended entirely on the contents of the USB drive and was not hardware related. Am I wrong? Is it possible to have a non-bootable USB drive?

I used an img file to write a bootable [Arch] linux image to the drive, but I simply can't get any BIOS to even acknowledge the presence of the drive. I know how to boot from USB, but neither my friend nor I can boot from this hardware. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Do I need to use a different USB drive? If so, why? Thanks for any help/comments/suggestions.

Here's the USB drive I simply can't boot from: http://www.acsoutlet.com/STI-UFD%2F4GB-Standard.aspx