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Thread: Can not mark 'xubuntu-desktop' for upgrade

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    Can not mark 'xubuntu-desktop' for upgrade

    I originally installed Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex.

    I then installed kubuntu-desktop and removed it according to psychocats. I then tried xubuntu-desktop and stuck with that, and removed ubuntu-desktop according to psychocats. So, all that's left on my system is pretty much xubuntu-desktop to my knowledge.

    I ran $ sudo update-manager -d and clicked upgrade to try to upgrade to 9.04, but I got the following error:

    "Can not mark 'xubuntu-desktop' for upgrade"

    Is there somewhere that I need to tell my system that it should think it's xubuntu instead of ubuntu now? I tried searching and couldn't find anything about that.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Can not mark 'xubuntu-desktop' for upgrade

    Well, I'm trying a aptitude update && aptitude safe-upgrade. Let's see how it goes...


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