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Thread: Installing SiS 771/671 drivers / which to use

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    Installing SiS 771/671 drivers / which to use

    I have an emachines laptop (unheard of i know)
    EDIT: the model number is 1212
    I have been working to get ubuntu to work smoothly on it for about 4 days now lol. Yes i am a ubuntu No0b.

    I have fixed my wireless card with ndiswrapper, i found the solution on this site ^^

    It's just i can't seem to figure out how to sort this graphics problem out.

    It will only display at 800-600

    The chipset is SiS mirage or M672. On ubuntu it says im running sis 771/671

    Also i found out by looking at my xorg.log that it will only start up in fail-safe

    Finally i get an error on start up saying something like pnpbios failed run as option pnpbios = off... Would that affect anything and if so how would i change it ?

    If you need any documentation just tell me the command and ill be happy to reply as fast as i can.

    Thanks in advance

    Another Edit: Im currently running hardy heron
    Final Edit: ok i've upgraded to intrepid and used the .run file for this kernel... logged out, logged back in.. nothing happened. Same as ever
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