I was wondering if someone could tell me how to change the setting for File Roller's window size--mine by default starts maximized (due to something I kind of messed up; I'll get to that in a moment), filling the entire screen (taskbars included) without showing any window decorations. If I Alt-Tab to something else I can then right click File Roller on the taskbar to try to resize or move it, but neither of those does anything.

So...how did I get File Roller to this rather obnoxious state? I actually tried out Enlightenment for a while, which was working just fine until I accidentally loaded the Illume module, which apparently maximizes all the windows that you run. Now I'm back to Gnome, but I've been slowly trying to make all my graphical programs like Firefox, gnome-terminal, and others show up normally again. File Roller is the last one that I need to get back to normal size, so...any advice on somehow changing its size is appreciated.