Dear all,
I would like to know if someone can successfully use Google Sketchup and/or Google Earth on Ubuntu with an ATI card?

My computer is a Macbook Pro late 2006 with an ATI X1600 and Intrepid 64 bits. I tried Sketchup 6 & 7, with the free drivers radeon and radeonhd as well as fglrx (from repo or from ATI). And always the same problem, the Sketchup opengl are is completely unusable. Of course, I tried to tricks around registry keys, no effect.

Any ideas?

Similar problem with Google Earth, I tested the 4.3 (from repos) and 5 versions, the software starts and freezes the computer, nothing works except the mouse, I can'r restart X, my sole solution is to restart the computer by pression the start/shutdown button.

Here again, any ideas?