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Thread: HOWTO: Tweak your ext3 filesystem for a performance boost

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    Exclamation Re: HOWTO: Tweak your ext3 filesystem for a performance boost

    BUMP? Does this work and how with EXT4 ?

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    Re: HOWTO: Tweak your ext3 filesystem for a performance boost

    i just found that :

    / reiserfs noatime,notail,data=ordered,errors=remount-ro

    /boot ext2 defaults,noatime,noauto*
    /usr reiserfs defaults,noatime,notail,nodev
    /var reiserfs defaults,noatime,notail,nodev
    /tmp ext2 defaults,noatime,notail,nodev,noexec
    /home asYOUwish defaults,rw,user

    /storage** xfs rw,user
    /backup*** xfs rw,user,sync

    TYPE :
    ext2 no journaling (ideal for boot) max: 16TB
    ext3, ext4 ext4 is improved (performance and reliability)
    xfs storage big files (avi, iso, zip ...) max: 8EB
    reiserfs very fast with small and large files (good for /home; /public) max: 16TB

    rw read + write
    ro read only
    noexec can’t execute file on this partition
    nodev can’t mount device on this partition
    nosuid no su id
    sync input and output to the filesystem

    notail increases performances [reiserfs]
    noatime turns off atimes for increased performance - normally not needed (except for mail service + application partition)

    noauto no auto mounted at bootup
    nofail ignore if not present – ideal for $backup over usbdrive
    user user can mout it (explicit option: noexec, nosuid, et nodev)

    usrquota active user quota - UID
    grpquota active group quota – GUID
    acl access control list

    data= metadata for files can be written after the file is written (journal, ordered or writeback)****

    errors= when it do if errors during boot (remount-ro or continue)

    * only need /boot when you update your kernel
    ** i use storage for iso, avi, zip, dump, ... "big files"
    *** external usb drive
    **** writeback is less secure than ordered


    ps: by the way defaults are rw, suid, dev, exec, auto, nouser, and async.
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