Guys/Gals The BugJAM in Rochester went well (IMOP) and the discussion we had after it was all over brought about some interesting thoughts that should be shared with all of NY. Some of the ideas for the next BugJAM don't necessarily apply to only BugJAMs but they might fit into other public events.

The Event should have at least one nice poster advertising ubuntu, and the Loco so people can know whats going on and help bring people into the group. The sign could be generic or could be BugJAM specific

Media Presentation:
A nice polished media presentation highlighting Ubuntu, and it features. This could be setup on a cheap laptop out in front or on some other display (should it be present)

Demonstration Systems:
There should be a couple of systems open for public use as a way to demonstrate the operating systems. These systems could be a mix of default systems as well as custom configured systems to demonstrate the flexibility of the OS

There should be one individual at all times able to welcome the public and be able to speak to the operating system in a personal and meaningful way to help educate people about open source and about Ubuntu

The BugJAM was a success but we got very little public interest. Most of these suggestions were around the idea of creating an environment that would help bring the public into the group and impress them with how far FOSS has come.

We also talked about having our own state wide BugJAMs. After the first couple hours the server was heavily loaded witch caused a lot of frustration and wasted time. By having our own state wide BugJAM we wouldn't run into those problems. They also a great stage to put the group out in the public eye.

I would like to get everyone's comment on these ideas and to add any ideas that you have yourself.