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Thread: Animation help (mac/windows)

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    Animation help (mac/windows)

    Well i have both Mac and Windows, so if you have a guide to one or both, feel free to give it.

    I'm searching for like 30 minuets how to make this effect: <-- the glowing, not the orange sparkles but it didn't work out. Do you mind giving me a guide how to do it, online / on photosop / other program that will work on mac or windows, and will do it quickly, plus i'd like to know how the heck this effect called.

    Thanks. :3

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    Re: Animation help (mac/windows)

    You can do it in Gimp .... series of 4 layers ......

    Use a gradient Flare Rays R .......

    add it as a overlay in 4 layers at 4 places going across the diagonal to get the effect ......

    This was a quick try ...... they have done it in a smaller frame ..... so the effect looks better as the gradients
    are closer together ..... you will also have to try different gradients to see what looks good ....

    They also have 13 frames ...... so the last frames want to be duplicates of the first background frame .......
    that will make the effect look better ...... too ..... as there is then a delay before it starts again .....

    Photoshop is the same method too ...... 4 layers for the gradient ...... set the gradient effect to overlay .....

    Then save the file as a GIF ....... most animations are just a set of layers played one at a time with intervals set ..... to suit ....
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