Thanks metatechbe.

Yes, I did kill v86d and waited for a while. Even when leaving the computer alone (doing nothing), the temperature never goes under 44º. Using the computer in normal browsing (NYtimes, flash blocked) makes the temperature go up to about 50-52º.

Running gpupwr using sudo works fine but, again, the temperature is stable in ~52º during normal use.

Could you post your xorg.conf and grub.cfg files to see if I got something wrong?

And a last thing, there is any way to control the screen brightness?

Thanks a lot for the help.

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After 10-20 minutes after boot, the temperature should be around 40-42 degrees Celsius. Did you kill the v86d process and waited long enough for the machine to stabilize its temperature ?

You need to run the gpupwr command with "sudo"