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Thread: wicd or network manager?

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    wicd or network manager?

    Hi everybody

    I have been running xubuntu hardy for 6 months now for net browsing and have been very happy with it, however, I have recently spent some weeks away on courses so I was looking forward to connecting to other wifi networks but could not get roaming to work at all - it found other networks but could not connect.

    When I got home this week I decided to upgrade to intrepid as I was interested to see if the mobile phone connection to the net would work and if it would fix the roaming. Well, I got the mobile phone connection working through network manager but now there was no wifi roaming option at all!

    I replaced network manager with wicd and this seems to have enabled the roaming feature (although yet to test to another open connection) but it seems wicd does not support mobile phone connections!

    so it seems the choice at the moment is network manager and no roaming or wicd and no mobile phone connections!

    Anybody any other solutions? pretty please?

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    Re: wicd or network manager?

    I have gone back to network manager now as wicd kept disconnecting every 30 secs or so for some reason.

    Surely there must be a way for network manager to search and connect to other wifi networks? I feel stupid as it is probably obvious but I just cant find a way of doing it.


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