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Thread: VIM + Xdebug = Error Code 5

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    Question VIM + Xdebug = Error Code 5

    Hey guys,

    I'm a PHP developer and I've started using vim recently. I can get around pretty quick but I'm not a total pro yet.

    My issue is I followed this tutorial:

    for hooking xdebug up to vim for debugging local php. It seemed to work with out a hitch until I actually try and step through or run to a break point then I receive this error and it drops the connection:
    response xmlns:xdebug= xmlns=urn:debugger_protocol_v1 command=stack_get transaction_id=6
    error code=5 : Command not available (Is used for async commands. For instance if the engine is in state "run" than only "break
    command is not available
    It seems like there is a possible version miss match or I possibly missed something when I set it up. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Re: VIM + Xdebug = Error Code 5

    I suggest you post your issue to the xdebug mailing list:

    I bet you will get some help there. Good luck.

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    Re: VIM + Xdebug = Error Code 5

    I had the same problem using xdebug + vim on ubuntu. The problem (for me) was that I was setting breakpoints on blank lines - make sure you put the breakpoint on a line with valid code!

    See also this thread:


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