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Thread: ircd-hybrid password problem

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    ircd-hybrid password problem

    I have installed ircd-hybrid from the Ubuntu repo. It is version 7.2.2. I can't get password protection to work. If I add a password= line to the auth block, it just doesn't allow any connections at all anymore. I have tried both a plaintext password and an encryped password (with mkpasswd), neither works. If I leave the password= line out, the server works fine (except for the password, obviously).

    I'm using Ubuntu 10.04. Please don't tell me to upgrade to 12, the 'server' has only 256MB RAM.
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    Re: ircd-hybrid password problem

    I'm having the same issue. I did a little digging and found in the example.conf, the following flag:

    flags = need_password;

    I added it, and now it won't accept any password. What gives?

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