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Thread: Remastersys Guide - Create Your Own Ubuntu-based Distro

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    Re: Remastersys Guide - Create Your Own Ubuntu-based Distro

    Hi grndslm

    from your original post, can you advise on this part:
    If you want to alter the installed Grub, update-grub must be altered, then the package must be flagged to never upgrade.
    This is my only sticking point on a 10.04 setup. I have read through the update-grub script and the grub-mkconfig script it points to, but can't see what I need to change to get my modified grub2 to come up on an install from a remastersys iso. I really only need to get the background and text colours to work (this is after installation), so pointers just for that would be great.

    And I guess I flag grub to not be upgraded in synaptic before I make the iso/cdfs ?

    Any help appreciated

    Not to worry, sorted it out myself - nothing to do with editing "update-grub" so the advice on your OP is a bit misleading, more to do with file locations for the grub background and the settings in /etc/grub.d. One does need to update-grub after editing the settings.

    Also found another useful snippet along the way: don't use a windows file system for your remastersys backup folder, e.g. ntfs,fat32, only use a linux filesystem, e.g. ext3,ext4, otherwise your sudoers and other special permissions files will get mucked up on the live cd.

    I also wanted to use slim for the login manager. This will work, but you need to install gdm for the live cd to work properly, just don't select gdm as your default login manager when offered by gdmsetup

    Most tutorials out there for remastersys assume a great deal, if you veer from the path of a straight forward distro you may need to do more hacking that is indicated in order to get your live cd / back up right
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    Angry Re: Remastersys Guide - Create Your Own Ubuntu-based Distro

    I need help

    preseedning file set

    Adding a new user to bypass the section on
    be able to login as root
    give root password


    d-i passwd/root-login boolean true
    d-i passwd/make-user boolean false
    d-i passwd/root-password password toor
    d-i passwd/root-password-again password toor
    ubiquity ubiquity/summary note
    I'm sorry, my English is a bit bad

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