Running the current Jaunty (Gnome-32bit) with a "almost" new X58 Intel system--just built a Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P, 6G of G.Skill DDR3 1600 ram & i7 Core2 920--Everything works as planned (I checked for three months before making this one) & I'm moving to 64bit with the next testing cycle.

I have to say that the i7 Core2 920 is flat-out a screamer!!! I have it mildly O/C at 3GHZ---I number crunch BOINC units & seeing 8 cores burn thru work units is astounding (The i7 Core2 series runs 4 real plus 4 hyperthreading cores)--Temps at this clock under full load run in the low to mid 50c range--I run my Zalman 9700 from my last bulid--they really fast created a adapter to mount to the 1366 package....All-in-all, a system that will upgrade easy for the next couple of years...

All hardware detected out-of-box with the current Jaunty-testing--I did nothing more that install the Gigabyte motherboard, CPU & memory & fire the system up..After playing with the BIOS (a real treat!!! layers of spec settings--you can really custom-set the BIOS to a "T")--I rebooted & went right back to work with fuss at all.

A interesting note: there is a recovery section in the driver disc--I don't do Windows, but like to see what I don't need to install anymore --And the recovery/rescue segment boots up Linux---to repair Windows.