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Thread: Linux Mint 6 and ADSL pppoe

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    Linux Mint 6 and ADSL pppoe

    I'm not sure I'm posting in right forum. If I really don't, take my apologizes Also sorry for my bad English.

    The problem is:

    I'm planning to migrate from Ubuntu to Linux Mint because of hardware (laptop-ware issues. Running the Linux Mint LiveCD I really liked this system, I found it much more suitable for me as for linux newbie. The only thing that stops me is a problem with Internet connection setting up.

    I use ADSL-connection, PPPoE protocol. In Ubuntu I succesfully used the 'pppoeconf' command to set up connection, but I can't do the same in Mint. 'pppoeconf' runs the same dialog as I saw in Ubuntu, I go through the same questions and settings, I type same login/pass, but in the end it doesn't work! Running 'sudo pon dsl-provider', 'sudo poff dsl-provider' and 'pon' again has no result - connection don't appear.

    I have this problem in LiveCD, but I have not it while running Mint in VirtualBox (there I had no need to set anything - everything worked just after boot, settings catched from main OS - Ubuntu). So will I have the Internet working after install Mint on the HD? And why it's not working in LiveCD? Please help.

    Sorry for bad Englisn one more time. I hope everything above is readable and understandable
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