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Thread: Dual booting Ubuntu and Windows XP using XP Bootloader

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    Dual booting Ubuntu and Windows XP using XP Bootloader

    There are thousands of post out there enough to get anyone confused and give up on the whole idea of dual booting.

    I've been trying and testing for almost a week now, till finally i got it up and running very smoothly and easily.

    In this Tutorial I assume the you have installed windows, ubuntu and grub. non of these processes are explained here, this is only intended to help with the Dual Booting process ONLY.


    Here is my PC configuration

    Pentium D 3.4 G Hz Core Duo Processor
    GIGABYTE Mother board 945 system bus 1066
    NVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE Display Adapter
    2 GB of RAM
    Two 250 GB Hard Drives

    My Partition Structure is like this:

    Hard Drive 1:-
    Partition a: NTFS 50 GB Windows XP OS - Boot
    Partition b: NTFS 200 GB Data

    Hard Drive 2:-
    Partition a: NTFS 205 GB - Data
    Partition b: EXT3 40 GB Ubuntu OS - Boot
    Partition c: SWAP 1 GB Linux Swap

    Note: this information is given as an example, it is NOT the required specification for this process.


    Now back to work

    I had windows installed first and i didn't want Ubuntu or Grub to change any setting in windows or the mbr, so i disconnected the data cable to the xp hard drive before i setup Ubuntu. (if you don't know how to, just google it!)

    After you finish installing everything and re-connecting the hdd's

    1 - restart into ubuntu.

    2 - Using a Flash Memory copy the /boot folder from ubuntu filesystem to the Flash Memory. (Very Important to use the /boot folder installed by ubuntu)

    3 - restart into windows.

    4 - download and extract the GRLDR file from

    5 - Place the GRLDR file on the Windows C:\ drive.

    6 - Edit Boot.ini file and add the following line without the () then close and save:
    (C:\GRLDR="Ubuntu 8.10 Linux OS").
    Note: This step is very important, be very Careful not to mess the boot.ini.

    7 - Adjust the windows bootloader menu to appear with a timer. (Mine is 3 sec).

    8 - Restart.

    9 - Select the Ubuntu OS.

    10 - Finally Enjoy Dual Booting.

    Hope this tutorial helps.

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