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Thread: Setting up laptop for multipule OS's

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    Setting up laptop for multipule OS's

    Hi there, i come with another question.

    I am sure this question was asked before but i cant seem to find a thread with a good expanation, so i ask not to tell to google or use search ^^ (A link to a good post would be heplfull if u know one)

    Goal: To setup 4 OS's on my laptop
    Purpose : Learning Expirience

    Questions: What file system i should use for my Os's, i want to install Ubuntu, Slackware, Satux, FreeBSD.

    How should i partion the HD size wise, i seen some people saying give 10gb to each os and rest goes to /home .. further explanation would be great.

    How do i partion the HD , i dont currently have any os on the laptop.

    What boot manager should i use, and how can i install and set it up before installing any of the os's

    Much apriecieated.

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    Re: Setting up laptop for multipule OS's

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