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Thread: Question on why people stick with a distro?

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    Re: Question on why people stick with a distro?

    From another post of mine in this forum:

    Quote Originally Posted by ArtF10 View Post

    Automatic Detection:
    - CORRECT Screen Resolution/Position --> a first for Ubuntu(or ANY Linux distribution)
    - High Speed USB 2.0 ports
    - Sound --> Don't you just love the Intrepid Boot's so Ubuntu!!!

    - NVIDIA Driver 173(or 171?...can't remember)
    - screenlets
    - Cairo Dock
    - Dark Room Theme( yeah!!!)...
    As you can see, Intrepid actually worked better for me than Hardy. One thing I forgot to mention in the above post was that my printer was picked up by default in Intrepid....this was not the case in Hardy. Installing NVIDIA drivers in Hardy was annoying and had to be done through Envy. Installing drivers in Intrepid was much easier through restricted drivers.

    For me it has been worth it to upgrade, to the non-LTS distro, due to superior hardware detection.

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    Re: Question on why people stick with a distro?

    I like to stick with a disto and version, unless I know there is a real advantage to updating, and all my old stuff will still work. I don't often update. I update my Debian quite often, usually without issues. I update OpenBSD rarely, since there usually isn't a reason to do so.

    Moving between many OSes a lot will give you a good OS knowledge though. I moved between many before settling with the ones I use now. The knowledge I gained from doing this is certainly useful. I am planning on testing more OSs though. I am going to download Plan 9 and MINIX this week to see what they are like.

    So I do use many different OSes/distros to see what they are like. And every now and then I find one that is better than the one I am using, so it becomes the replacement.

    That system works well for me....
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    Re: Question on why people stick with a distro?

    I'm somewhat of a distro hopper but recently I'm sticking to Fedora and Arch. I like Arch cause it's simple, updated and AUR, you gotta love AUR. Fedora well I always test out of the box distros, and Fedora is my favorite so far. I'm using it more than Arch these days. Oh and I like the default theme Nodoka, if only they would make a decent default icon set.
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