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Thread: Vista Explorer To XP-Like/Win2000 Like?

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    Vista Explorer To XP-Like/Win2000 Like?

    Just wondering but, is there any way to go back to the classic/XP explorer in Vista? Because I really don't like the new address bar, the forward/back buttons, or how the new "classic" menu bar is placed UNDER THE ADDRESS BAR. I also don't like clicking the address bar to show the exact full path (C:\blah\blah\bla) of where I am; when in XP/2000 I can see it without clicking! I also want my common tasks bar to the way they were in XP.

    I'd also like to get rid of the bar that says "Organize / Views / Burn / Etc." that appears under the classic menus in explorer. Or the "get help" button.

    I don't want a silly trial or have to buy something to get this to work like this (IE: xplorer^2) so please refrain from posting trial software or software you have to buy.

    Also, I run Vista x64, NOT x86!

    Is any of this possible in my Vista?

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    Re: Vista Explorer To XP-Like/Win2000 Like?

    The following are free file managers for Windows
    Cubic explorer
    FileAnt File Manager
    Gyula’s Navigator
    Unreal Commander
    I found them at this article.

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    Re: Vista Explorer To XP-Like/Win2000 Like?

    And the only one out of those I show interest to is Cubic Explorer, which says works on Vista, but isn't supported, so x64 vista will only a dream for me on it.


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