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Thread: A small challenge . . . .

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    A small challenge . . . .

    well i've got a challenge for anybody whos interested. at my school we're running windows XP on every computer, and they have a bunch of sites blocked using Lightspeed Systems Content Filtering. and i'm wondering if there's a simple way through. i did some research on it and turns out it automatically configures itself to block new web proxies. for now i downloaded Ultrasurf, which is working really well, and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to get through a filter or stay hidden. the challenge is how to get through without a web proxy since it will only work for a week tops.

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    Re: A small challenge . . . .

    Please understand that discussions such as what you are suggesting are illegal and is therefore not allowed as mentioned in the Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

    If you really want to access the blocked sites, ask the school admins.

    Thread closed.
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