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Thread: Tucson Installfest Flyer

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    Tucson Installfest Flyer

    Here it is folks. See ya Saturday!!
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    Re: Tucson Installfest Flyer

    I will be driving down to the Installfest from the PHX.Mesa area with another team member on Sat. morning. We will be leaving town around 7am. There is room for 2 more passengers to ride along and share the gas expenses if you can. Please go here: and get my email address so we can get in touch. We can exchange cell numbers etc. in email. It should be a fun trip with me and kennymc0. Oh, and plan on singing or talking on the trip since I don't have a stereo in my truck.

    Hope to hear from you,

    J. Scott Gwin

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    Re: Tucson Installfest Flyer

    So how did it go?
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    Re: Tucson Installfest Flyer


    The install was a success in that we got several things done for ourselves. The disappointment was that we had an error in the address and the public couldn't find us. That should not happen again. kennymc0 and johnc4510 worked on the website and got kenny introduced to Drupal. lenards did a version upgrade to 8.10 and it went pretty smooth with only a couple of issues; I believe he's still trying to get sound recorder working. As for me, I got conky installed and configured with johnc4510's help and I switched form Amarok to Exaile for my audio player of choice. oh, and, lenards showed me Gnome-do and I'm in the process of making it work a real time-saver in keyboard navigation which gets me further away from using that dreaded touchpad.... It was a sweet day for me since that's the first time I met any of the team in person.

    Scott Gwin
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    Re: Tucson Installfest Flyer

    Cheers to the huge success! Don't you love when everything goes as planned =D>



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