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    News Letter: February

    The New York State Ubuntu Local Community (LoCo) Team is a group of volunteers united by a commitment to Ubuntu and free and open source software (FOSS). The team advocates and supports Ubuntu for home, business, and educational use in New York State. By bringing the freedom of choice, power of the community, and stability of Ubuntu to the public, the team believes it can change the face of computing for the better.
    The primary purpose of the team newsletter is to document everything the team has done. The reader should get a sense of the activities conducted by the team both offline and online. Experienced members should find information on "what happened" and "what's going on," while newer members should find information on how to get involved. In addition to this primary purpose, the team newsletter can add another community aspect to the team and contain articles written by members on relevant topics.
    Welcome to the New York State LoCo Team Newsletter, Issue #2 for February 2009.

    Message from the Team Officer

    Content Needed

    Team News


    Online Presence

    Regional Groups

    Rockland County Group

    Rochester Group

    • The Rochester group has gotten a commitment from a local college and training facility to use two labs and a classroom for an upcoming install fest hosted jointly with RCSI (Rochester Computer Society Inc) and LUGOR (Linux User Group of Rochester). This event is tentatively planned for May 23rd, but due to that weekend being a holiday weekend the event might be moved.
    • The Rochester group has local events planned through the month of June including a tentative visit from a member of the Open Street Maps project in April

    Local Meetings and Events

    Local Events




    Archived Events

    Members News

    Charles Profitt was approved for Ubuntu Membership on January 7th.

    General News

    Ubuntu Global Bug Jam 20-22 February 2009 - The NYS Ubuntu Loco has scheduled a public event for Saturday February 21st from 4pm - 9pm. The Syracuse group is working on securing a location as well. The team will also work over IRC during that weekend to contribute from all areas of the state.

    Member Opinions

    Upcoming Team Meetings and Events

    Upcoming Meetings



    Upcoming Events






    Getting Involved

    Regular members have no obligations. Active members who volunteer to help the team are greatly appreciated and they impact the community. Your ideas and service count!

    Team Discussions


    The team IRC channel is a place where members of the team communicate and collaborate with each other in real-time. People from New York State can also find out more information about Ubuntu.
    Channel: #ubuntu-us-ny

    Registering Membership

    Team Information

    Team Owner: Jeremy Austin-Bardo


    President: Jeremy Austin-Bardo
    Vice President: Charles Profitt
    Secretary: (Rochester): Brian Neil
    Treasurer: The-Stace

    Team Membership : 160 as of November 2008 (cumulative: website, Launchpad team, mailing list)
    Team General IRC Meeting Schedule: third Monday of every month at 8 PM Eastern Time
    Team Wiki:
    Team Website:
    Team Mailing List: ubuntu-us-ny on
    Team Forum:
    Team Blog:
    Team IRC channel: #ubuntu-us-ny on
    Team SIP conference channel: or *8771-5000 on SIPBroker affiliates


    You can find older New York State LoCo Team Newsletter issues at:

    Additional Ubuntu News

    You can find more news and announcements about Ubuntu at: and


    Thank you for reading the New York State LoCo Team Newsletter.
    See you next month!
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