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Thread: Advice on Buying Ubuntu Laptop?

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    Advice on Buying Ubuntu Laptop?

    Hello everybody,

    first of all, sorry for posting this here, it's not really ubuntu specific.
    but maybe someone can help, anyway.

    my girlfriend has to buy a new laptop and asked me for advice - but my own laptop is so old, i don't feel competent.

    she's been using ubuntu and will most probably use it again.
    she needs it for office work, lots of internet use (probably with a mobile broadband connection), some movies, no games.

    the only advice i could give her was to look for sth that is well built and uses good hardware. i think the ibm thinkpad/lenovo series has a good reputation in that respect.
    also i think it doesn't have to be the newest model. the budget would be somewhere not too far from 500 euro.
    she herself said 4gb ram and 500gb hard drive, but is not sure about it.

    also, are there any models actually more suitable for installing ubuntu?
    i heard someone sells them with ubuntu installed - also in the european union?
    but time is of the essence - her old laptop is dying and she just got a new job.

    all advice/rant appreciated!
    please stick to the facts and be kind.
    what else can you do when you don't know each other.
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    Re: Advice on Buying Ubuntu Laptop?

    I've been looking at used laptops to replace an old Celeron 1.2ghz relic. It runs Linux but it is slow. I am looking to do the same tasks as you.

    What's she have now?

    For me, 500GB of storage is massive overkill. But that's almost standard these days. Personally I would have a SSD at around 128GB, fast, low power and good price/ performance ratio IMO. If installing SSD yourself, look for SATA II or III support. 4GB memory is good, I wouldn't want less. Screen resolution is a good thing to consider. I'm leaning towards at least 1440*900. I really want a HD screen but they're hard to find in used laptops because of the relative newness. And finally for streaming video over the net I have been looking for processors which have an L2 or L3 cache of at least 2MB which I think I recall being an important factor for streamed video smoothness. Intel core 2 Duo's are a really good choice IMO.

    IBM/ Lenovo is a very good laptop with good prices.


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