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Thread: I want a heavy OS....

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    Re: I want a heavy OS....

    NOTE: Windows 7 is not really heavy and has about the same recommended system requirements as Ubuntu does.

    1. Sabayon Linux is heavy and has like everything...!
    2. Ultimate Edition is heavy (it is Ubuntu with a lot more installed so you might not want to try that).
    3. OpenSolaris might be cool
    4. Free BSD might be exciting
    5. Arch Linux (if you want to "build" your system from the bottom and up)
    6. Slackware is mature and stable

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    Re: I want a heavy OS....

    I'm assuming you mean 'heavy duty OS' as a OS that is fast and works on powerful hardware?

    If you want a OS that's good for heavy duty stuff look at these -

    > FreeBSD - A Great BSD OS that supports heavy duty hardware and is pretty fast.
    > NetBSD - Very minimalistic, and it can work on LOADS of platforms including powerful hardware.
    > Commercial Unix like AIX or whatever. These work on powerful servers and they are Unix, so they are fast.
    > DragonflyBSD - Many say this can handle SMP and threading better than FreeBSD.
    > Slackware - A Linux distro that can be made very minimalistic.
    > Arch - A Linux distro that is minimalistic. Also supports quite cutting edge hardware support.
    > Debian - A Linux distro that can be made very minimalistic.

    Those are a few....
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    Re: I want a heavy OS....

    thx guys I'll try them out. I didn't care for opensolaris that much. I'm trying to get progex burned but my disk doesn't like it that much (yes it is a dvd-rw).

    but apperntly I need to try some bsd and slackware. thx for the suggestions!
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    Re: I want a heavy OS....

    You want a learning curve and a fast system ? Gentoo. Much faster than its clone (Sabayon). I used it more than a year but came back to ubuntu to be more busy with the applications and less with the OS.
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