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Thread: resizing fail

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    resizing fail

    here's the story, i ran out of space on my existing ubuntu partition so decided to resize it and make it bigger, i loaded up gparted from the live cd clicked resize, and it worked for about half an hour and told me it couldnt finish, that being said, im stuck with a 70g partition with 1 g of free space when i started out with a 30g partition, where did my 40 gigs go?

    in short, 40gigs of space is being taken up by nothing after a resizing fail, any help would be greatly appreciated. note: the free space was BEFORE the ubuntu partition on the table.

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    Re: resizing fail

    I assume that partition is a ext3 partition !?

    If there is any important data on that partition/hard disk/computer
    make a backup of the partition or whole disk first (if not too late already!).

    What you try (afterwards) is to boot the LiveCD and then
    run a file system check on that partition.
    You can use "-N" to see if there is anything that would be changed
    before running the real "check+repair" mode.
    Keep in that there is a risk of losing data when the partition
    is repaired with fsck.

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