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Thread: install get freeze at format partition. u-8.10

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    install get freeze at format partition. u-8.10

    i downloaded the iso file and made cd and boots only in safe graphics mode.
    install starts but stops [froze]when formating partition.
    i tried ten times with same result.
    then i installed ubuntu-8.04 and upgraded distro
    to 8.10 with packagemanager

    the video installed is vesa and it works in that mode only.

    i have 845 p4 mother board.
    for my board i810 is the video driver to be used.

    xorg.conf just says diplay configured.

    has any one got same hardware and working 8.10 installation other than vesa.?

    if so kindly post your xorg.conf here.

    in the kernel line there is appended xresforce vesa

    that is how it has upgraded.
    there is no video mode change possible.


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    Re: install get freeze at format partition. u-8.10

    Found I've got exactly the same problem. I've read elsewhere that installing an earlier disrto works as you've done, so I'm downloading 7.1 as I type.


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