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Thread: Please read -longhorn linux!!!

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    Re: Please read -longhorn linux!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by jman6495 View Post
    I'm Sorry .But Where ever i post this people seem to hate me...
    i just don't understand.

    I guess there is not much interest in this community to make Ubuntu resemble Longhorn, either on the surface (themes) or under the hood (code / philosophy).

    Others, for whatever reason, either do not like Microsoft or feel they need to promote Ubuntu by bashing other OS. I guess with those types you struck a nerve

    Neither is directed at you personally, I have not seen anything on this thread that seems to me to be any type of personal attack.
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    Re: Please read -longhorn linux!!!

    Honestly, I think this is a good idea. Hacking the original Longhorn builds to get them to work is just impossible, and ReactOS is still too weak to run any LH apps.
    So, count on me!

    I was actually looking to start a thread just like this. But I only disagree with one thing - Gnome; I think that we should start on KDE instead of Gnome.

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