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Thread: different distros?

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    Re: different distros?

    And the patches that some distros apply to the packages which could make them dramatically different (eg: kde in openSUSE vs vanilla)

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    Re: different distros?

    Quote Originally Posted by rickandsuch View Post
    So, can someone enlighten me on the differences between these two distros (or any other, for that matter) beneath the DE hood?
    This thread from a couple of weeks ago might interest you:

    CLI - Underneath it all

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    Re: different distros?

    Differences between distros
    > Where config files and similar things are located and how they are used.
    > How the kernel has been modified from the official Linux kernel.
    > What packaging system it uses.
    > Different hardware support.
    > What extra software is provided.
    > What the OS's defaults are.
    > What the philosophy and technique of the developers are.
    > How the file system lays out it's files. Nearly all of them follow the POSIX standards, but some differ from others.
    > What filesystems they support.
    > The documentation. (Think man pages.).

    There are many more... But the main difference is in the kernel and the kernel's support for hardware and other things, which many users don't see anyway.
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