I would like to have a persistent install on a 8GB usb drive as my main linux install so I can take it with me at any time and have all the changes, updates, apps, etc... on the go.

I have gotten a persistent install of 8.10 to work a few times but it always fails to update and quits booting after that.

If you have a persistent install that you use regularly-

1. What distro do you use?
2. What method did you use to create the bootable USB disc?
3. Have you been able to add apps and get updates for the distro and apps?
4. What size/brand USB drive do you have?
5. How stable/reliable is it compared to a regular HD install?
6. How long have you had it running without error?

Sorry about all the questions, but hey- that's what this place it for. It's one of the reasons Ubuntu is so awesome!