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Thread: Remove SELinux (intrepid) and install apparmor

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    Re: Remove SELinux (intrepid) and install apparmor

    Quote Originally Posted by brandon88tube View Post
    Is it true that they are trying to integrate SElinux into future Ubuntu installs?
    No. Ubuntu uses Apparmor.

    There is a security team on launchpad that has been working on selinux, but as has been mentioned several times on this thread selinux does not seem to work on 8.10. I have not tried it on 9.04 Alpha.

    IMO id you wish to use Ubuntu you should learn apparmor. IMO if you want selinux go with Feodra or Centos (both very fine distros with both advantages and disadvantages).
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    Re: Remove SELinux (intrepid) and install apparmor

    Just curious, because I didn't want to start learning AppArmor and then have SELinux take its place.

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