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Thread: DRM protected video files

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    DRM protected video files

    DRM is a crappy thing even for windows users.
    But is it possible to watch DRM protected videos in Ubuntu?
    I havn't yet seen any programs I can watch DRM protected WMV files with or any programs I can use to crack the DRM away from the files.
    Any solution?
    Thanks in advance
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    Re: DRM protected video files

    Your post has been up for quite a while and no one has answered. I watch those files with no problem except for one that said it was password encrypted. It was one of those torrent rip offs where they want you to go to a site to get a password. I deleted it. I don't know much about those fills but you will need to enable the Medibuntu repository and all other available repositories. If you google medibuntu you should find the community documention page for Ubuntu. It will tell you how to enable medibuntu repository and how to get the ablility to see most stuff. I also installed most of the gstreamer plugins that I could find. I believe there are a couple that you have to buy that give you even more options but I am cheap and am not going to pay money to watch a film. Hope this helped get you started on your search.


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