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Thread: Sabayon?

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    Re: Sabayon?

    I had it installed for a few weeks but just wasn't for me. Even their minimal version was absolutely filled with unneeded software. That was the second time I tried it, the first time I had it installed it broke after the first update. So I'll have to agree with the general opinion, as a liveCD/DVD great, as an installed OS not so great. It's got a slick design and Entropy was pretty interesting but for now I'll just stick to Gentoo.

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    Re: Sabayon?

    Been using Ubuntu on my 8 year old Dell desktop since Breezy.

    Several months ago I bought a new laptop,
    Acer Extensa 4420-5237 w/ Vista. This is a 64-bit box.
    Tried several live cds.
    Ubuntu 8.04 and Mint didn't finish loading, except for 64-bit.
    Wireless didn't work and wireless is important on a laptop.

    Then I tried several other distos.
    Puppy worked well including wireless.
    Made a mult-session Puppy DVD which loaded faster than Vista.
    But it crashed after several runs and I haven't returned to Puppy.
    Comment: Mult-session DVD operation might be very secure.

    The live 2GB Sabayon 4 DVD worked well, including wireless.
    The live 5GB version also worked, but I didn't like the look.
    After first making its partician, I installed the smaller version.
    I'm using it now.
    I like its Gnome desktop almost empty with only a panel at top.
    KDE is too pretty for my tastes.
    Sabayon is not like Ubuntu.
    The package manager is where I'm having to learn a different way.
    This old daug is always interested in learning new tricks...

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    Re: Sabayon?

    I have tried Sabayon a couple times in the past. It seems like a nice distro, but it has far too many bugs and seems overly bloated. I might try again in the next release.
    Do you folks like coffee?

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