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Thread: best thumb drive linux?

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    Re: best thumb drive linux?

    I don't mind JWM, or the look of the nonetheless straightforward config tools - also think every other distro owes credit to Puppy's hardware detection.

    Are there others organised that way, to minimise unnecessary writing to the flash drive (thought a couple did something like it) ?
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    Re: best thumb drive linux?

    Moblin is insane guys. Not sure how well it works on non-atom procs though..
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    Re: best thumb drive linux?

    I agree that most of the smaller distros are ugly and non-functioning. Puppy and Damn Small are OK if you're a hardcore Linux-only person, but if you're using them for productivity reasons, it's annoying to have to compile a bunch of stuff against the source just to get it working properly every time you use it on a new machine.

    I've been using CrunchBang on a LiveCD. I'm not sure if it supports LiveUSB or not, but it's an extremely lightweight Ubuntu-based distro that has a sweet menu with keyboard shortcuts to do any basic task. Xubuntu makes a decent live as well.

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