I've recently started a new job, and have a dual monitor setup. As it was a new PC, I installed Ubuntu Intrepid from scratch. It started up with a cloned screen.

I've tried many things to get this working, but it seems to only want to show cloned screens, and if I try working with any driver other than "vesa" (I've been using ati, radeon, fglrx, all to no avail) I get the "broken X would you like to reconfigure" screen. Removing the xorg.conf doesn't seem to work, nor does the xorg.conf generated by dpkg-reconfigure -plow xserver-xorg)

I'll post my xorg.conf tomorrow, but from what I remember, the radeon driver was loading, but couldnt open /dev/dri/*

I know that you can get a non-cloned setup, as before I reinstalled, the previous setup had it setup for a dual-screen. Unfortunately, I didn't take a backup of the config ;(

Any suggestions?